From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Thanks to Neil Boley & Classic Twins Date:Thu Oct 23 22:14:53 2014
Neil helped me out big time today.

I needed a special Harley tool (97175-55 Clutch Lock Plate) to remove the big nut on my clutch hub. As you can see in the picture from the service manual, it's just a old fiber plate and a steel plate welded together, with a couple of bolts for handles.

Unfortunately, I don't have any old plates, and the only pre-1971 Sportster or K is Bob's, and I didn't think he had any old clutch disks laying around.

So I was going to order a 97175-55 from V-Twin, instead of spending weeks looking around. I told Neil what it, and he dug around in his shop and found a pair of old plates. Not only did he save me $45, he saved me a week of waiting for V-Twin to deliver.

Thanks Neil! Classic Twins in Brandy Station will get my business.

I made up 97200-55 Sprocket Locking Link yesterday, and I have a lot of spare metal left over. So if you're going to make one for your bike, I've got the material - just ask.