From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Dave's Burger and Brew Birthday Bash Date:Wed Oct 22 17:23:50 2014

XLCH Dave took us on a great ride last Saturday. There was only a little bit of off road work. (Maybe about 50' of grass to negotiate on the way to the Old Bust Head Brewery in Vint Hill).

It was a beautiful day and we had a very good turn out. We even had a visit from our old buddy Chip Brady.

The ride ended up at Dave and Jennifer's where we were treated to Burgers, Hotdogs and Dave's Newest Beer Creation. (We were celebrating Dave's birthday that happened one week earlier). Happy Birthday Dave.

George Downes showed up in his 1929 Model A Ford Speedster looking a lot like Barney Oldfield. I think he chased most of Jennifer's chickens off the property. Last I saw of her, she was trying to herd them back home.

Many thanks to Dave and Jennifer for a wonderful fall day event. It was one of our best local rides. The Hennessey's are great hosts. A great time was had by all.

We have two more events planed for 2014:

Freeze Your Butt Off (FYBO) Ride - November 29 the Saturday after Thanksgiving.


Christmas Party: December 13th - 7:30PM Until... - Madigan's Waterfront Restaurant - Occoquan, VA.

Watch the Exchange for updates on the FYBO Ride and the Highland Christmas Party.

It was great seeing everybody at last weekend's ride.

Thanks again to Dave and Jennifer.