From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Chapter Ride - THIS SUNDAY Date:Thu Sep 18 21:31:36 2014
Sunday, September 21 - Ride to Potomac Falls Car/Bike Show

Meet at 10am, Chesapeake Cafe, 2952 Chain Bridge Road, Oakton, VA 22124. This is a couple of miles from Rollo's home.

We'll go investigate the car/bike show in Potomac Falls, then we'll take a round-about route over to Great Falls for lunch and a cold beer. Then a round-about way back to Oakton.

Dave & Bob's eXcellent XLCHs will be leading the pack, with all those Panheads pounding the pavement far behind. Will the pathetic pans be able to keep up the grueling pace of an XLCH? Join us and find out!

Photos from Blast From The Past V and Pool Party are now available over in the Gallery section.

See ya Sunday!