From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:RE: RE: Sept 21 - Enterprising Individual Wanted Date:Thu Sep 4 20:26:53 2014
Response to:892
Big Chief Fire Water,

Scouting mission completed. Roadblocks abound. (photos to
be sent via regular e-mail).

Brockman Lane is blocked by a padlocked swing gate. You
could get around by cutting through the grass for about 40

Thomas Avenue ends at a cul de sac and is bounded by deep
ditches and Jersey barriers. Another locked swing gate. It
would be difficult to get from Thomas Avenue to the Parkway.

There is a unobstructed paved bike (bicycle) path between
Sinegar Place and Water Mark Place.

Each location has several "No Motor Vehicle" warning signs.

The areas near Algonkian Parkway are very nice
neighborhoods. There are some beautiful mini-mansions near
Thomas Avenue.

Blocked-off Short-cuts notwithstanding, there are ways to
get around the neighborhoods and back to Route 7.


On the map in the previous message, you will notice that the
return trip makes an ungainly loop back onto Route 7. We
despise ungainly loops.

Several roads have been cut off to make them impassable by
automobiles. However, they may be passable by motorcycles!

We need an enterprising individual living nearby to check
out these venturis, and see if two-wheeled steeds can
squeeze their way through.

Any enterprising individuals in the group?