From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: Sept 21 meeting and ride Date:Thu Sep 4 12:44:00 2014
Response to:889
Here is a suggestion:

Meet at Oakton Chesapeake Cafe at 10 am for bagels and coffee. 2952 Chain Bridge Rd # D, Oakton, VA 22124

Proceed to Potomac Falls, hang out at the car/bike show for an hour. 44179 Westlake Dr Potomac Falls, VA 20165

Proceed to Great Falls, VA, grab a sandwich/beer at Great Falls Tavern or at the Old Brogue.

Head round-aboutly back to Oakton, passing Wolf Trap and the Barns.

Optional: Stop at Great Falls Park, and commune with nature.

Final Destination: Oakton Chesapeake Cafe