From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: Sept 21 meeting and ride Date:Wed Sep 3 11:58:38 2014
Response to:887
Rollo & Rob,

Sounds good to me. But when I google "Potomac Falls", I get links to Potomac Falls High School. Do you mean Great Falls Park, or is this somewhere else?

Should we meet at your place, go somewhere for breakfast, and then ride to the show? Or meet somewhere for lunch? Or what do you suggest?




We have a meeting and possible ride scheduled for Sunday Sept 21 but we have no meeting place picked or ride destination. Are we doing breakfast and a ride or ride and lunch???? Inquiring minds want to know. I have a flyer for a car and bike show that day out at Potomac Falls that was given to me at the Patriot show and I know there are other events happening the as well. So I would open the floor to discussion, suggestions and a options. I just think we need to nail it down ASAP so we can let folks know what we are doing and they can plan to attend.

Rollo I think that the Potomac bike show sounds like a plan . We could pick a meeting spot and ride to a place to get a bite before the show. I would also like to propose a mini road run through wine country sometime in October . It could be fun visiting the winerys and do some tasting ! Rob