From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Got juice - need headlamp Date:Fri Aug 8 09:34:56 2014
Anyone got a spare 6-volt 5-3/4 inch sealed beam headlight they want to part with ??? - mfgr# 4020 or similar If so, bring it to the BFTP on Saturday.

My 62 XLCH was missing the generator, regulator, regulator mounting bracket, and most of the wiring when I got it - it had a blanking plate over the gen hole.

I took out the headlight and tested it with a battery - the low beam immediately burned out in a blaze of white smoke, but the high beam worked fine.

I found the first three items, rebuilt the generator, fixed the regulator, and painted everything. When I went to install it, I realized the idler gear was missing also. Dang!

Found an idler gear and the fiber washer, and installed them. However, the motor was now locked up. Yikes! Took it apart again and removed the fiber washer. The guy I bought the idler gear from said he had owned about 50 Sportsters, and always left the fiber washer out. Now I see why.

Put it all back together, and did a homemade wiring job. Polarized the generator. Fired it up. No lights - Bummer! Voltmeter was reading -2 volts at the Gen terminal. Shut it off. Re-polarized the generator.

Fired it up. Positive voltage! Headlight! Taillight! Even speedo light! YEAH.

Then the high beam filament gave up the ghost in a blaze of white smoke.

I ordered a new one, but it will be a week before it arrives. I'm anxious to take the bike out for a night ride, but I'm temporarily out of lumens.

Anyone got a sealed beam I can beg, borrow or steal?