From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Blast from the Past and Pool Party This Saturday Date:Tue Aug 5 20:30:45 2014
Response to:874
The main event will the BATTLE OF THE XLCHs - Bob and I (and Juan?) will line up our magneto Sportsters for a kick-fest. First one to get theirs started without breaking a leg or falling over from sheer exhaustion wins.

Bring your Shillelagh! The featured beverage at the pool party will be "4Ps", a Guinness-like Dry Irish Stout. There used to be an Irish Pub on Connecticut Avenue in NW - the name above the door was "Ireland's Four Provinces", but everyone just called it the 4Ps.



Just a reminder about this Saturday's Blast from the Past event at Patriot H-D in Fairfax.