From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:For Sale: 1995 Sportster 883 Date:Tue Jul 29 22:31:52 2014
One of my friend's father recently hit a patch of gravel while riding his 1995 Sportster 883, and slid into third base. He's 83 years old, and decided that his riding days were now over.

So the bike is now for sale.

I looked it over, and it's a nice original bike with minimal damage. I pulled the choke, hit the starter button, and it fired right up. To get it through state inspection, you'll need to get a master cylinder, a taillight lens, a mirror or two, and a couple of turn signal lenses. Probably $300.

Cosmetically, the gas tank has a little dent, and the rear lip of the rear fender has a little dent. That's about it.

Contact: Bruce Whiton, 540-270-7293