From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Christsmas Party at Madigans and Blast from the Past Date:Mon Jul 21 17:04:38 2014


The Christmas Party venue votes came in with Madigan's leading the pack. I've already reserved the "Landing" at Madigan's for December 13, 2014 at 6 PM.

We'll try to nail down the three entrée choices during the meeting on August 9th (Blast from the Past - After Party at George and Nancy's house).

Thanks for all the replies.


Hope to see you all at Patriot on August 9th. (Note: Wives and girlfriends are encouraged to attend the event and the after-party). Bring you swimming trunks and enjoy the Ogden's pool.

This is a "don't-miss-it" event and is one of the Highlands Chapter premier events.

Many thanks to General George and Nancy for hosting the after-party again this year.

Antique Bikes, the Night Hawks, Cool Pool, Cold Beer and Great Food. It just doesn't get any better.

It would be nice to have a preliminary head-count for the event and the pool party. Let us know if you plan on attending either or both.