From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:RE: Christmas Party Ideas - Your Votes Needed - UPDATE Date:Tue Jul 15 14:46:23 2014
Response to:859

Thanks for the quick responses regarding the Christmas Party.

So far, Madigan's is leading in the poles. I'd like to get the reservations completed before we leave for Wauseon on Thursday morning.

As of this morning, Madigan's was still available on December 13th. We need to guarantee a minimum of 20 folks to reserve the room. That shouldn't be a problem.

Madigan's just sent me a basic contract to review. I'll make sure it looks OK before we move forward.

I'll get the menu choices out, as soon as we have nailed down the venue (Madigan's or one of the other restaurants).

If others members have votes, please get them to me ASAP.

Thanks again for the quick replies.



We need to choose a venue for our December 13th Christmas Party. Some of the more popular spots are already filling up so a decision needs to be made pretty quickly.

I've made contact with the following:

Maggianos in Tysons (Only available on Dec 12th - $2,500 Minimum)

Bungalow Lakehouse in Sterling (Available on the 13th - Not a private room).

Madigans Waterfront in Occoquan (Available on the 13th on the Landing which is an elevated platform in the restaurant).

Tuscarora Mill in Leesburg (Available on the 13th)

Magnolias in Purcellville (Available on Sunday December 14th)

Clydes - Willow Creek Farm - Ashburn (Available on the 13th)

P.J. Skidoos in Fairfax (Available on the 13th. We've had our last two Christmas parties at P.J.s)

Rollo and I also contacted Arties and Ozzies American Grills (They are not set up for parties and can't guarantee we would be sitting together unless we reserved a mid-week event).

Rollo and I checked out the El Paso Mexican Restaurant in Fairfax. (They were wide-open for party reservations in December. However, this is not as upscale as the venues for our previous parties).

Madagins, Tuscorora Mills and Magnolias are a little more expensive than some of venues from previous years.

I think that Maggainos only caters to larger parties. I don't expect we would spend anywhere the minimum $2,500 they require.

The Bungalow Lakehouse serves a good meal, but we would be in general seating in the back of the restaurant. I'm sure they would put us all together.

We need to get your opinions on the top three choices. Any one of the choices might become unavailable at any time. So having a few top contenders will make our job of procuring a desirable spot for our Christmas party a bit easier.

Please vote on your top three choices:

1)Bungalow Lakehouse (General seating in the back room)
2)Madigans Waterfront (Semi Private area - Pricey)
3)Tuscorora Mill (Upscale - Good Meal - Highest Meal Price)
4)Magnolias (Sunday December 14th only - Nice Decor - A Little Pricey)
5)Clydes - Willow Creek (We've been there before - Always good - Jim Pape sugested we go back to Clydes)
6)P.J. Skidoos (Our two Christmas parties)
7)Write-In Vote

Personally I'd vote:

1)Clydes Willow Creek
3)Magnolias(Too Bad it is only available on Sunday)

I like PJ Skidoos, but wouldn't mind trying something new this year.

We'd like to have the restaurant pencil-us-in in the next few days. Let us know your choices as soon as you can.