From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: October - Beer and Burger Bash ? Date:Mon Jul 14 22:56:12 2014
Response to:856
I was thinking Saturday, October 11. It's still pretty warm then. We can do the ride, eat and drink, and still be home in the late afternoon.

How's that date sound to everyone?

Rollo wrote:

On the beer and burger deal any weekend but Jefferson works right now but need to see that date of a final selection just to be sure. Maybe even two rides that month would be possible. Time changes and leaves start falling but as long as it doesn't run too late in the day when things chill off pretty good by then. Maybe start up the breakfast meeting again by then too. Just my thoughts.

Our calendar for October looks pretty sparse. How about another beer and burger bash at our house?

I've mapped out yet another innovative way to cover the 2 miles from New Baltimore Garage to our house.

The little private airport is interesting place to visit - skydiving, ultralights, and strange aircraft. Google says 1-1/4 hours, so maybe 2 hours ride for us. Gas stops strategically designed for Sportster 2-gallon tanks. No dirt/gravel roads this time.

Any Saturday or Sunday in October is good for us - you got any preferences for the date?

Dave & Jennifer