From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Christmas Party Ideas - Your Votes Needed Date:Mon Jul 14 21:45:43 2014
Response to:859
Choice #1 - Madigans - good menu - something for everyone. $32 for any entree. Picturesque location - memorable. 47 minutes from me. My choice by a wide margin.

Choice #2) Tuscarora Mill - good menu, $37 for any entree. Everything on the menu seemed a little too fancy* for my taste, but I can cope. 43 minutes from me.

Choice #3) Bungalow Lakehouse - limited menu, $34 to $44, and my choice would be the $44 item. It's on a lake, but across the street from the picturesque Home Depot. 40 minutes from me.

*The old adage "If it don't go, chrome it" came to mind after reading the menu.