From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Road Run - Deadline Approaching Date:Thu May 22 18:04:20 2014

The June 1 deadline for reservations at Graves Mountain Lodge is fast approaching.

Call 540-923-4231 TODAY and leave a deposit of only $100 to guarantee your room in the Poplar Lodge for all 3 days.

Ask for Sarah if she's available. We're the "Highlands Chapter Antique Motorcycles Guys". A credit card deposit of $100 will guarantee your reservation for the 3 days. Cancellation period - two weeks notice.


The 2014 Road Run will be September 11-12-13 at Graves Mountain Lodge in Syria, Virginia.


Sept 11 - Thursday - arrival, then dinner
Sept 12 - Friday - breakfast, then ride, then dinner
Sept 13 - Saturday - breakfast, then ride, then dinner
Sept 14 - Sunday, breakfast, then home


We have the entire Poplar Motel on hold for us. This 16-room "motel" is away from the other motels and farmhouses on the property, so we'll pretty much be all by ourselves.


Breakfast and dinner each day will be in the dining room of the Main Lodge. Breakfast is a smorgasbord. Thursday dinner is roast beef, Friday is trout and spaghetti, and Saturday is ribeye steak. Bill & Elyse and Dave & Jennifer stayed there last year and pronounced the food delicious.

Lunch each day will be part of the ride. Bob and Dave did a recon mission to the Copper Fox whiskey distillery (good whiskey) and then Thornton River Grille (good food, good beer) in Sperryville, so they may be the destination for one of the days. We're still working on the lunch destination for the other day.


Room rates normally include three delicious meals, but we've arranged to get a credit for lunch, since we'll be out on the road. Breakfast and dinner account for $32 to $37 of the rate.

Single occupancy - $81 on Thursday, $91 Friday, $91 Saturday

Double occupancy - $71 on Thursday, $81 Friday, $81 Saturday. These are per person since they include breakfast and dinner.