From:tom hardy
Subject:RE: Natural Bridge Road Run Date:Sun Aug 30 18:33:11 2009
Response to:80
I have been at the beach for a few days but I spoke to them at NB about my reservation and all is cool. I will be getting in sometime late Thursday afternoon or evening. I will put out the signs again in he usual locations.
I must have missed something along the way though as I thought we decided to do away with the cookout and everyone do for themselves. Must not have gotten the memo!
I spoke to Opie the other day and none of his crew is going to be able to make it this year. That includes Randy Davis, Ray and all those boys. Too much work. Maybe next year!

As of Today 8/25/09 we have 30 cottages held for our ride. So far there are only 13 cottages confirmed (reserved by credit card and names).
I encourage anyone planning on coming to our ride in the beautiful Blue Ridge and Allegeny Mountains to call today and reserve your cottage. They are only held until this Friday 8/28/09. After that you take your own chances as to where you will be staying for the weekend. Be sure to tell them you are with the AMCA club to get our club rate.
Call today and talk to:

Toll Free 800-533-11410
Local 540-291-2121