From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:The KH Is Running - Thanks to Highlands Chapter Guys Date:Mon May 5 08:43:30 2014
Bob Nicholas came over yesterday and helped me get the 1954 KH started - and it runs great.

We got it to fire and run a couple of revolutions, but it wouldn't stay running. Upon closer examination, we suspected that the magneto was 180 degrees off.

Frantic phone calls to Tom Holter, Tom Hardy, and Juan Sakata confirmed our theory. We yanked the mag, rotated it, and then set the timing for a KHK. My KH has KHK or KR cams, so that seemed like the best bet. That turned out to be correct, as it then started quite easily.

After some tinkering, we got it to accelerate smoothly and idle nicely. The roar from the straight pipes was music to our ears, although Jennifer thought it was beastly loud noise.

Bob, Tom, Tom, and Juan - THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your help and support - I'm a very happy guy!