From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Road Run - READ ME RIGHT NOW!!! Date:Wed Mar 19 15:07:56 2014
Our annual Road Run will be at Graves Mountain Lodge, in Syria, VA this year. Bob, Rollo and I have done the research. We thought the "Poplar Motel" at Graves was the best choice.

Only a few people were at the meeting Sunday. Graves is having an unusually good year, and filling up quickly, so we need to act NOW.

I propose that we go there August 28, 29, 30. We'll have to put some extra effort into swinging by Rob's show on our way home on Sunday, but I think that is our best choice for reservations.

Please call me (540-347-1452) or email ( RIGHT NOW - YES, RIGHT NOW - with your date preference. I will be making the reservation on Monday morning.


Aug 21-22-23, leave Sunday morning Aug 24

Aug 28-29-30, leave Sunday morning Aug 31
Conflicts - Rob White's Show on the 31; Labor Day Weekend; Davenport Swap Meet

Sep 4-5-6, leave Sunday morning Sept 7
Poplar Motel booked solid on Friday night by a group. The Hilltop Lodge is still available, though.
Conflicts - Allegheny Road Run is M-W 8-9-10 - Rollo and Mike are going there

Sep 11-12-13, leave Sunday morning Sep 14
Conflicts - Allegheny Road Run is M-W 8-9-10 - Rollo and Mike are going there; and Mountain Hog on 13th

Sep 18-19-20, leave Sun 21

Sep 25-26-27, leave Sun 28
There are two weddings, and they have booked 3 of the upstairs rooms and 4 of the downstairs rooms in the Poplar Motel. They have also reserved some of the farmhouses, and will probably be partying late at the Kite House. We can reserve 8 rooms, with the possibility of one or two more (not certain). We can hold them for 30 days, but we would need to do this RIGHT NOW, as they think a few more wedding guests may book. They also have a conference going on, but those people are in the Hilltop Lodge.