From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:White Wall Cleaner Date:Thu Apr 23 08:33:19 2009
Hello All,

Here’s a tip for cleaning your white wall tires. I found it on the Internet and it works great. You’ll need two things “Shout” laundry stain remover and “Mr. Clean Magic Eraser”. I found a heavy duty “Magic Eraser” in the cleaning supply section of the grocery store.

Spray “Shout” on your white walls and let it set for a few seconds. I only waited 15 seconds or so. Gently rub the “Magic Eraser” over the white wall area. The road grime comes right off. I gave the tire a few more spays of “Shout” to keep the surface wet. I expect you could wash your tires down with soap and water as a final clean up. I didn’t bother. I just wiped the tire down with a dry rag.

My white walls came out really white. It’s easy and seems less harsh than using steel wool or fine grit sand paper. The “Shout / Magic Eraser” method worked much better than the commercial white wall cleaner I bought at the local auto parts store.

Anyway, it worked great for me.


Bob Nicholas