From:Jim Pape
Subject:RE: RE: Christmas Party - Can we get a Head Count? Date:Thu Dec 5 13:19:33 2013
Response to:782


I re-confirmed the Christmas Party this morning. Everything
is set up for our arrival on the 14th of December.

The restaurant manager is calling me back this evening.
I'll remind him of his promise to have his DJ or Band play
Old Codger Rock and not Techno-Pop-Crap. I believe the music
is supposed to start at 9PM.

Head Count: We do not have to choose our meals until we get
to P.J. Skidoos. However, the restaurant asked for an
approximate head-count. (I think we had about 25 of us last
year). Please let me know how many members and guests to

See you at P.J. Skidoos at 6PM on December 14th.

Thanks for getting us the head-count.


Is it possible we could request that PJ's would provide some
type of Rock & Roll music for the middle aged at our
Christmas Party ? I think we would all agree that would be a
nice touch .