From:Tom (Rollo)Hardy
Subject:FYBO ride and T-DAY Date:Thu Nov 28 08:52:42 2013

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to you all and your family and friends.

Next, I want to change the meeting place for those going to Billy Potters from my house to Patriot Harley-Davidson.

Some may not know where I live or how to get there and rather than risk folks getting lost or late on what will be a chilly day I figured everyone can find Patriot. As Dave said around 10 am and leave at 10:30 gassed up and ready to ride. We will back road it over to the GW Parkway and down that to the Beltway where we basically ride the shoulder to get to the ramp to Clara Barton Parkway.

Bundle up and see you at Patriot!!