From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Great Ride and BBQ this Past Saturday - PICTURES Date:Mon Oct 28 21:02:53 2013
Response to:760
The pictures from Saturday's ride are now in the GALLERY section of this website.

This time, I really tried to tell a story with pictures. I hope people who weren't on the ride will get a real feel for where we went and what we did.

The second page, "The Rest of the Story", has plenty more photos, but these weren't required to get the story across.

Hope my first attempt at photojournalism succeeded. Enjoy!


P.S. When I was taking pictures of the waterfall on Sunday, the director of marketing for Airlie stopped her car to talk to me. A motorcycle came up, swung around her, and continued down the road. I turned, snapped him, and it was a perfect shot to help tell the story.

Thanks to Dave for heading up Saturday's ride through the VA countryside. We all had a great time. The BBQ that Dave and Jennifer put on was a fantastic way to finish the day. Great food and brew.

Also thanks to George, Juan and Wuss for showing me why you need some free play on your hydraulic break peddal. I really enjoyed being able to stop the FLH for a change.

Rollo wants to know why I'm riding a wheat thrasher. Still haven't quite figured out the lifter issue. Juan thinks I may want to check the oil pressure. I'll let you know what I find.

I had a great time on Saturday. (Not as great as Wuss' dog Humphrey. If you missed the ride, you'll need to aske Mike about it).