From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Great Ride and BBQ this Past Saturday Date:Mon Oct 28 13:41:09 2013
Thanks to Dave for heading up Saturday's ride through the VA countryside. We all had a great time. The BBQ that Dave and Jennifer put on was a fantastic way to finish the day. Great food and brew.

Also thanks to George, Juan and Wuss for showing me why you need some free play on your hydraulic break peddal. I really enjoyed being able to stop the FLH for a change.

Rollo wants to know why I'm riding a wheat thrasher. Still haven't quite figured out the lifter issue. Juan thinks I may want to check the oil pressure. I'll let you know what I find.

I had a great time on Saturday. (Not as great as Wuss' dog Humphrey. If you missed the ride, you'll need to aske Mike about it).