From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Thanks George! Date:Mon Oct 21 18:58:48 2013
I drove the Henderson to the hardware store last week, and on the return trip, it started misfiring at speed. Today, I confirmed that it was still misfiring, and decided to find out why.

It seemed that it was starving for gas at speeds, so I checked the gas filter (fine), and then took the float bowl off to look for dirt, stuck float, etc. No problems detected. When I put the big nut back on the bottom of the float bowl (same setup as a Linkert), it stripped out. Ouch, dead in the water!

I stopped in to see George Downes - to see if he had a spare Linkert so I could see if the big nuts were the same. He found one, and yes, it is almost the same. The Schebler carb doesn't have the stud for the L-shaped support bracket, but otherwise it was nearly identical. Took it home and put it on.

The Bosch magneto cap was full of carbon dust. The rotor has a spring-mounted carbon brush, similar to a generator brush. I cleaned out the cap, using the very last squirt from my last can of Brak-Kleen, and put the cap back on.

While I was at it, I pulled the plugs, and found that all the little screw-on nipples were loose. Plugs were fine, and I tightened the nipples up with a pliers.

Took it down the road, and it runs like a champ. I'm ready for this Saturday.

Thank you George !!!