Subject:63 Hi-Fi Purple Date:Sun Sep 29 13:57:55 2013
Once again, Rollo and Juan came to my assistance. During the road run, Juan speculated about the timing problem on the 63. I had put electronic ignition on it and something about the timing gave me beautiful blue pipes and half a muffler. So Juan, and Rollo, came over yesterday and we spent half a day doing the fix. First, Juan put his timing light to work and found out that, even with the front cylinder in time, the rear cylinder could not be timed -- and it was definitely out of time. So I called Ed Fralick, EBeyond 2000, and told him what we had found. He said to ship it back so he could check it out. (He had previously emailed me that he had checked out seven of his dual point systems and found one to be out of sync by about 1/8 inch. Wow) So I went to work and removed the electronic ignition and used my coffee cup of points, condensers, and screws, to restore the dual point timer. That took longer than we thought, but with it finally installed, Juan went to work again to time the ignition. First, he statically time both sets of points, Then we cranked it up and he used the timing light. It took some point resetting and a second static timing, but the strobe light finally showed the timing to be right on the money. That was around 3 PM.

Juana and Rollo left to go to Mountain Hog, and I took a test ride. It really made a difference to hear and feel the motor running correctly.

I owe a real thank you to Juan and Rollo for spending the better part of two Saturdays to get the timing issue resolved. THANKS, GUYS. And to Mike for cranking this monster when I couldn't.