From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Sept Meeting Minutes - Short Verson Date:Mon Sep 16 13:07:34 2013

I wanted to get a brief summary of our September 15, 2013 meeting out before this week's road run. Here it is:

Attendees: Bill, Rollo, George D, Tim, Juan, George O, Jim, Bob and Wuss.

(Dave Hennessey was unable to attend Sunday's morning meeting. He asked me to be the facilitator in his absence).

We met at 29 Northside Restaurant at 10 AM. We had lots of antique bikes, including George Ogden's beautiful 63 FLH. I also rode my latest acquisition, the 65 FLH. We spent a few minutes in the parking lot looking at the bikes before heading into the restaurant for breakfast.

29 Northside Restaurant decided it would be too much trouble to open up the back room for us. We asked the manager twice. They told us that there would be a 30-45 minute wait, just to get into the regular dining rooms. We all felt a little put out by the manager's unwillingness to work with us in getting the group seated. We told them that we would be happy to give our business to the Denny's down the road. The manager seemed fine with that. There was significant discussion about not giving future business to 20 Northside Restaurant. Denny's treated us great and welcomed the business. Our waitress asked us to come back anytime.

Most of the meeting was used to discuss the upcoming Road Run. We went over the road run routes and the restaurant choices. Dave had done a great job planning the event and everybody was happy with his plans.

We did make one change. There was a discussion about changing Saturday's dinner spot to one of the more upscale restaurants. We called Tari's and found out that the dress code is casual, but the meals are a little bit more upscale. Everybody agreed that this might be the place to go. Wuss made reservations for 18-23 people for Saturday night at 7 PM. (I called Dave Hennessey yesterday afternoon and asked him to cancel the reservations for the Troubadour. Dave said that he'd take care of it).

Road Run Details:

Check-in on Thursday (or Friday) is at 4 PM. Most of us will arrive on Thursday before 4 PM. (Dave told me he would try to arrive by 1 PM).

We'll be heading out for Friday's run at Noon.

Saturday's run starts at 10 AM.

We have several local choices for breakfasts. You can eat at Cacapon's lodge or George Ogden said there was a restaurant just before you get to the resort. We'll keep the breakfast meals non-organized.

Dave asked me to remind everybody to bring flashlights or lanterns. He says that the cabin areas are a little remote and that it will be very dark back in the woods. Dave suggested that we use cars to travel between the cabins and lodge, especially at night.

Rollo reminded us to bring our rain gear, just in case. There is a 30% chance of rain on Saturday. Right now Friday looks great. Rollo said that it is about 10 degrees cooler at Cacapon and that evenings and mornings can be chilly. Come prepared for some cool weather.

Non-Road-Run Stuff:

I promised to get the Christmas party set-up. Everybody liked the idea of going back to P.J. Skidoos. I'll start setting it up next week.

A group of us headed out for a short ride after the meeting. It was a beautiful day and everybody's bikes ran great.

Again,let me thank everybody that worked with me over the last three weeks in getting the Electra-Glide on the road. I'm having a great time with it.

Congratulations to General George for getting his beautiful '63 back on the road.

See you all on Thursday.


Bob Nicholas