Subject:RE: The Hi-Fi Purple 63 Date:Wed Aug 28 21:53:16 2013
Response to:733

Today removed generator, checked for gear damage - none. Drained oil
and took off side cover. No gear train damage. Flywheels still binding.
Rollo came over to help. Stripped everything off and removed case from
frame. Pulled off right side -still binding. We talked about pulled flywheels
out of left side and I called Bruce Palmer for help. During the course of his
telling us about special tools to pull compensator pully shaft assembly, I let
him listen to the scrubbing noise over the phone. He said it sounded like
something dragging on aluminum. That meant flywheel against left case.
Then---I had an epiphany. Got a whrench and removed the timing plug
from the left case. NO MORE DRAGGING. I had put in an incorrect, too
long plug. No it's going to be an exercise in how fast one can tear down a
motor to the flywheels and then put it all back together. Great lesson in
what to check first.

It happens, I had a similar experience with my Ironhead when I first got it .
I was told engine and primary share the same oil. I though this meant they
actually shared it, not just the same! Luckily my mistake was found before I
burnt anything up too bad. Good luck, Brian