From:Bill Lackman
Subject:RE: Mouse Bazooka - 65 Panhead Spits out Rodent Bits Date:Mon Aug 26 18:22:04 2013
Response to:722
Looking good Bob. You'll have it purring like a cat with that brain trust.
It Runs!!! High speed mouse parts add to the excitement!

Rollo, Wuss, George O, Juan, Rob, Gary and Gary's brother Mike came over on Sunday to help me get the 65 Electra-Glide started.

We flushed out the fuel lines, cleaned the points, bead blasted the plugs, cleaned the float bowl, adjusted the float level and checked the spark. Rollo brought a handful of carburetor gaskets and parts with him. We ended up using most of them (Thanks Tom).

We added a half gallon of gas to the fuel tank and crossed our fingers. A little bit of choke, a twist of the throttle and a push the starter button and ..."VAROOM". I was grinning ear to ear! It Runs!!! Beers All Around!!!

It appears that we maynhave a sticky lifter or a bit of carbon in the front cylinder. As a result, there was a bit of extraneous noise. The motor ran with a "clackity clack" sound, but it seemed strong. There were big clouds of smoke due to the oil we used to per-lubricate the cylinders. We filled the garage with a thick blue cloud. Dana came out of the house to make sure we hadn't set it on fire.

Lots of stuff exited the mufflers when the engine first started. There were handfulls of seeds and a bit of mouse fur in the debris pile. We still think a dead mouse disintagtated when we cranked up the bike. Something fuzzy shot out of the exhaust. Between the seeds, the rust and the fur it was hard to tell.

Juan and George helped me pull apart the suspect hydraulic lifter. It seemed OK, so we put it back together adjusted it to factory specs. We started the bike again. Within 40 seconds the engine quieted down to a nice "potato-potato" sound. Unfortunately, the "clackity clack" came back a few moments later. Time for another beer break.

A look inside the cylinders with the bore scope revealed a lot of build-up on the piston tops. Now we are thinking the carbon might be the source of the noise problem. The bike needs to go out for a high speed run to clean out the cylinders. There is a bit more work to do before any road tests.

Wuss stayed after to check out several horns in his collection. After we worked on Mike's horns we decided to pull the Electr-glide's rear hub. We found out that the slave cylinder was seized. Hope to have the brakes rebuilt this week.

Many, many thanks to my Highland's brothers. You guys are terrific. The expertise we have in the chapter is amazing. Thank you for helping me get the Panhead running.

Best Regards,