From:George Downes
Subject:RE: Sock Wash Date:Sun Jul 14 14:42:53 2013
Response to:701
Sock Wash went off like a streak of crap. Mucho much labor and cogitation was displayed in hopes of #46 winning the checkered flag at Wauseon. One unmentioned member of the Highlands dropped a lock washer in the primary which caused temporary angst but was soon rectumfied. At 5:00 post merdium #46 fired off and sounded sweet as Anna Belle Lee.

Members in attendance were Billy Lackman, Pete Knick, Henderson Dave, Tim O'Hara, George Ogden, and Nimble Fingered Lock Washer George.

A large Thanks to all who came to Georges yesterday for the Sock Wash in Preping the #46 Sport Scout racer for the races Friday at Wauseon.