From:Rob White
Subject:A Big Thanks to Mike Mueller Date:Mon Jul 8 18:05:57 2013
I just wanted everyone to know how much it means to me to have a good friend like Mike "Wuss" Mueller . After my recent surgery he has been coming to my garage every spare moment he has to help me finish my long term project 47' FL . He wants to make sure the bike makes it to the "Blast From The Past" show at Patriot HD. He has donated a lot of his time , labor and parts finding skills to this project. Honestly I have had it so long I was loosing interest . Rollo has been there as well with very good advice and brought some of his personal restoration books to help out . Gary and Juan joined in to help on Sunday so we all had a good time and the bike is in it's final stages !I am excited ! I just wanted to give everyone who has helped me on this project a sincere thanks ! Rob White