From:Tom Hardy
Subject:RE: RE: where is he Date:Sun Aug 2 13:20:05 2009
Response to:67
I heard that he moved to Calif some time ago from folks in the drag race community. My recollection was somewhere between LA and San Diego. You might try calling RC at Custom Thunder Cycles in Springfield ( the old R&R shop in VA) since he worked over at the Temple Hills shop before moving to VA. Also Paul Garvey over in Temple Hills might know as he hung around there too. He is in the AMCA roster.
Are you looking to get one of those t-shirts that they had for "Big Bore Jugs by Routts" with a nice set of hooters on the front?


Hello Debbie and Richard,

I googled Sonny Routt and came up with several leads. One indicates he was
alive sometime in 2006. Once at the link, go down almost to the end. The post
is a little confusing as to if only Sonny or the others live in Palm Springs,


here is a challange for you computer guys. what and where is Hubert "Sonny"
Routt. and what happend to his shop. I used to hang-out there in the mid 70s
and can't seem to being anything up on the computer about his fate.