From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:Happy 4th almost! Date:Mon Jul 1 09:28:37 2013

I wish all of you and your familys,friends and others a Happy 4th of July coming up. Be safe!! For those going to Frederick for the 1/2 mile races have fun and I hope the weather cooperates. Don't forget the Hagerstown 1/2 mile races are Saturday and I plan on going to those, as before, and if anybody wants to hook up on riding let me know. We have had a few go in years past.

I just want to also encourge you guys to get together to ride more between meetings. Seems like we aren't doing that as much this year. It may be due to weather or busy schedules but whatever the reason we need more riding time.
Unfortunately I am unable to ride for a while due to my triple by-pass but I want to live vicariously through you all so go ride and tell me stories. Even if they are lies.

Have fun, ride safe and careful with those fireworks!!!