From:Dave Hennessey e-mail:dave-A-toyhouse,org
Subject:Ladies Day Brunch Pictures Date:Sun Jun 30 12:40:39 2013
The pictures are now available in the "Gallery" section.

I have to apologize to photographer Jim Pape for keeping the memory card from his camera so long. None of my antique computers could read the new-fangled 8GB card, and I kept procrastinating on doing something about it.

Today, it struck me that Jennifer's color printer has some slots for memory cards, but I have never used them. Sure enough, the card fit in one, and I could download the photos through the printer to her antique computer, and thence through the LAN to my antique computer.

A little dose of Photoshop and Dreamweaver, and shazam, the photos are now on our website.

Jim - the card will be in the mail to you tomorrow.