From:King troensegaard
Subject:RE: Added to the vehicle collection - It ain't a Bike Though Date:Sun Jun 30 11:00:17 2013
Response to:680
Hi Bob

Here is a shot of me and Uncle Jack Doodlebuggin on my mother's old home place out near Pittsburgh PA in 1947. There was about 5 acres of lawn and my Dad had set Uncle Jack up with a five gang fairway mower and rollers.


Dana and I went up to Liberty NY last weekend to pick up my latest toy. (Not a motorcycle this time)

It is a 1929 Model A Ford converted to a Doodlebug Tractor. It has a Model AA truck worm gear rear-end and a two speed aux truck transmission. Six forward gears and two reverse. Plenty of patina. Worse brakes than the WLA, if that's possible. Seat is none too comfortable. Leaks oil like an old Harley. At least I'm getting some use out of my large drip pans.

This conversion was pretty common during WWII when tractors were scarce.

I might have to pick George Downes' brain. This is the first Model A I've tinkered with.

Right now the tractor is taking up Dana's garage space. Wonder how long that will last?

Ride Safe,