From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:Surplus glass Date:Tue May 28 14:52:58 2013
Mike Mueller asked me to post this. His wife Lyn has a bunch of tempered glass panels approx. 4'X 8' and 1/2" thick with beveled and polished edges that are surplus to a job she had in DC and wants to know if anyone wants any of them. There are approx 53 of them. They need to get gone fairly quickly and are just going to be destoyed if they are not removed from the site. Mike will get them off site. I plan an taking at least one for my self as a coffee table top. If any one is interested contact Mike (703-927-0844). They would make nice table tops or flat surfaces for checking the flatess of something. Now's your chance to get a really nice piece of expensive glass for nothing!!! Even if you don't need it right now you can save it for something later.

By the way I'm well on the road to recovery but it will be later this summer before I am able to ride but have fun for me.