From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Beware the Cicadas Date:Thu May 16 11:15:55 2013
This is the year the 17-year cicadas come out, and I've seen a few around the yard. Yesterday afternoon, I saw one up close and personal...

I was riding along Route 15 when suddenly, I got whacked in the face by a large airborne object. No blood, no sharp pain. What was it? Probably an early-bird cicada.

The Hen doesn't have a windshield, and I'm one of those 3/4 helmet and sunglasses type. If you're like me, start looking for that snap-on full-face shield which you stashed last winter. The air will soon be thick with them.

I like cicadas - they're cute and I love their singing - just not at 60 mph.