From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:RE: Get well wishes Date:Fri May 10 14:48:26 2013
Response to:663

Dana and I were very sorry to hear of your recent heart troubles. We can't tell you how happy we were when we found out how well your surgery went yesterday.

We are here for you if you need anything. (We aren't just saying that, we mean it).

I spoke to King today. He went through the same thing some time ago. He says, knowing your tenacity, you are going to do great.

Hope all your nurses are good looking and single.

Dana and I are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. We are looking forward to seeing you when you are ready for visitors.

Bob Nicholas

Hey Rollo:

Glad to hear that your operation went well. Rest easy and we'll be back to swillin' a few cold ones in no time. It was great partying with you, Wuss and all the others at Oley.

See you soon,

Bill Potter