From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Rollo Is in the Hospital Recovering From Heart Surgery Date:Thu May 9 14:24:52 2013

Wuss, Dave and I wanted to let you know that our Highlands Brother, Rollo, had a bit of a heart problem yesterday and was admitted to the hospital. Wuss called me yesterday to let me know what was going on.

Rollo's sister is keeping Wuss updated as to Rollo's condition. We were able to get through to the attending nurse yesterday to let Tom know we were concerned and thinking about him. I could hear Rollo in the background. He said he was doing fine but that he needed open heart surgery. He sounded really good.

Tom had the surgery this morning and did great. From what Wuss tells me, the doctors were very pleased and that Rollo is expected to make a complete recovery. Luckily, there appears to have been no damage. Right now Tom is in ICU and is not taking any calls or receiving any visitors.

Rollo's sister will call Wuss when Rollo is feeling up to receiving calls or visitors. Until then, please do not call him. His family asked that he not be disturbed, at least for next few days. They will let us know when we can contact him. Obviously, Rollo is going to need a lot of rest and recuperation time.

We are all very happy that Rollo's prognosis is so good.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Wuss will keep us informed as more information is known. You can call Mike on his cell phone if you feel the need. Otherwise, Dave and I will keep you informed through the Highlands Website.

If you want to leave "Well Wishes" on the Exchange, I'm sure Rollo would appreciate it.

Best Regards,

Bob Nicholas