From:King Troensegaard
Subject:RE: RE: Southern Nationals at Denton NC Date:Wed May 8 11:23:22 2013
Response to:658

Hi All

I am planning to ride my Beemer down on Thursday, camp through Sat. and ride back on Sunday. From my house I would go over to Rte 29 and basically follow it south. It would be great to convoy and I can meet up with folks along the route.

Mike Mueller and I are going down and probably leaving on Thurs. We have rooms in Ashboro throught Sat night. Billy Potter is also going down but he is riding and leaving even earlier as he is gouing down the Blue Ridge Pkwy. Try to talk Rob White and soem others into making it too! Mike and I will set up chairs and collers with my buddy Opie Yeager. He will have a tent set up and be next to a large red motor home with a fancy mural painted on the side near the upper entrance with an old VL and Opies red 47 knuckle. Come on by ! A lot of guys we saw at Oley said they were coming so it should be a good crowd. Call our cells to check with us.

Is anyone going to Denton for the Southern Nationals? I'm going down Thursday or Friday. Does anybody want to meet up and convoy down? Safety in numbers and all that. Bill