From:tom hardy
Subject:AMCA Swap meets Date:Thu Mar 21 19:16:25 2013
Mike Mueller asked me to post a note about rooms for some up coming AMCA swap meets. He has a place in Redding about 15-20 minutes away from the meet in Oley and wants to know if others are interested in having rooms there as well. Apparently it is down town Redding and has a bar at the hotel.
He is also asking about anyone who might be interested in rooms about 20-30 minutes from Wauseon. He and I stayed there last year and it was inexpensive and comfortable. Much cheaper than staying in one of the places near the fairground. There are also quite a few restaurants not too far away for dinner.
If you are intersted or want more details call or email Mike and he can fill you in but you need to hurry.