From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Make your CACAPON reservations NOW!!! Date:Fri Feb 22 22:52:00 2013
Call Cacapon 304-258-1022 (press 0) to make your reservations NOW! They are being held under the name HENNESSEY. First-come, first served, so don't procrastinate - call now - they're open 24/7.


There are 6 "Standard Cabins" reserved for Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Three 2-person, two 4-person, and one 6-person. Each has separate bedrooms, but only one bathroom.

Girls like to have their own bathroom, so couples should grab the 2 & 4 person cabins as quick as they can.


There are 12 Lodge rooms "on hold" for Friday and Saturday night. A construction company booked the entire 52-room Lodge for Thursday night (this place is popular!)


If you want to stay in the Lodge, but want to arrive on Thursday, you can book a Cabin on Thursday, and a Lodge room on Friday-Saturday. There are 8 Cabins, various sizes, some "Standard", some "Modern", on hold for Thursday night. Some guys might double-up (separate bedrooms, but 1 bathroom) for the night.

For the best selection, CALL NOW. All cabins/rooms are on-hold under the name HENNESSEY. The "hold" expires at midnight on March 3rd, so you'd must book your rooms soon.

Questions - call Dave 540-347-1452 days or evenings

Please call/email me after you've made your reservations, and let me know what cabin/room number/days you'll be there.

Jennifer and I booked a 3-person cabin #8 in the North Folk area. There's a good chance that the Club's beer supply may be located there...