From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Ladies Day v. Howard County Date:Mon Feb 18 21:55:40 2013
APRIL 21 - is the date for both our LADIES DAY BRUNCH, and the Howard County Swap Meet. A lot of us will want to do both, but will have problems being in two places at the same time.

I suggest we move the Ladies Day Brunch to April 14.

Then we can treat our beautiful ladies to a nice unhurried brunch at Blue Ridge on the 14th, and also get to spend the whole day playing with greasy old motorcycle parts on the 21st.

Instead of waiting for the next meeting to vote on this, let's do it this way - if you disagree, post a response (or call/write/email me), by the end of this coming weekend.

If no one disagrees by next Monday, we'll move the Brunch to Sunday April 14th.