From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:2013 Road Ride update Date:Sun Feb 17 15:44:39 2013
At our meeting this morning, we voted to hold our annual Road Ride at Cacapon Resort near Berkeley Springs, WV. The dates are Thursday September 19 (arrival day), Friday Sept 20, Saturday Sept 21. Check out Sunday morning.

After our meeting, I called Cacapon and have put a "hold" on 7 cabins. I will contact Angie, the Group Coordinator on Tuesday or Wednesday (Monday is a federal holiday) and put a hold on lodge rooms.

The "hold" on cabins/rooms is only for 10 days. I post a message in the next few days as soon as I firm things up with Angie. Plan to make your reservations immediately after that!

Some guys may wish to share a cabin (George/King/Ed ?) so you'll need to discuss that and figure out who's going to make the reservation.

Here are the cabins:

One 6-person cabin. Two bedrooms, each with a double bed. Two loft rooms, each with a twin bed

Two 4-person cabins. Two bedrooms, one with a double bed, one with two twin beds.

One 3-person cabin. One bedroom with double bed. Loft with a twin bed.

Three 2-person cabins. One bedroom with double bed.

These are rustic log cabins built in the 1930's. Each has full housekeeping facilities. Bathrooms are modern. Stone fireplace, firewood is provided. Window heat/air cond. unit.

Rates - Angie quoted slightly different rates than on the website. I will firm up with her.

Cancellation policy: 30-day notice required. A 30% deposit at booking time.

Lodge rooms

The lodge rooms have a double bed and a single bed, a table and two chairs. The rooms are small, so if you're not motorcycle riding, you will probably want to go to the large common reading/game room during the day.

Rate: $77/night. Two night minimum.

Cancellation policy: 48-hour notice. 30% deposit at booking.

Web site:

Map of the park:

Virtual tour of the cabins and lodge rooms
(I couldn't view the video with Firefox. Use Internet Explorer)

Cabin locations - the 6-person, 3-person, and one of the 2-person cabins are in the North Fork area. The other four cabins are in the Middle fork area. These are separate areas, but it's a short motorcycle ride from one to the other.

Dinners - to be determined. We can have a group dinner in the restaurant, or on the patio. There are also some nice restaurants 9 miles away in Berkeley Springs. Bill, Jack and I will be investigating.

Alcohol policy:
What goes on in the cabins/cabin area stays in the cabin area. Same for rooms. No open containers in common areas. The restaurant has a full bar. I will speak with Angie about bringing our own wine to a group dinner on the patio.

Group rides on Friday and Saturday. Bill, Jack and I will be investigating destinations and lunch / gasoline stops.

Chase Truck: We need chase truck drivers. I will volunteer for one day. We need a volunteer for the other day.

Other Activities:
Cacapon now has a trap shooting range, so that might be a fun thing to do as a group.

Swedish massage and mineral shower at nearby Berkeley Springs State Park Spa - this might interest non-riding spouses.

Whew, that's it for now!

Questions? call me at 347-1452 or email