From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Annual Road Ride Info Date:Fri Feb 15 21:37:27 2013
We'll discuss this at Sunday's meeting, but I thought I'd put it out for those who can't attend.

Cacapon Resort has availability for the weekend of September 20-22. There are 48 rooms in the lodge, and there are currently 24 available. If we choose Cacapon, everyone will have to make their reservations in the next week or two.

The two earlier weekends in September do not have 12 rooms available.

Cottages/Cabins - forget it. They're booked way in advance. In fact, they are 100% booked for this (February 15) weekend! We might be able to snag one in September - it'd be nice to have one for a party place - but forget getting a group of them.

Room rates are $77/night or $82/night, depending on whether you want a view of the golf course or not. A lot easier on the wallet than Smoke Hole.

Cacapon does have some things going for it - Berkeley Springs is 10 miles away, with plenty of restaurants (see, The restaurant at the Lodge is pretty nice too. There are pretty many nice roads around.

Does anyone remember the hairpin turn on old US 40 at Sideling Hill? What's now called "Scenic US 40" might be an interesting ride.

See ya Sunday!