From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Membership Dues are DUE Date:Fri Jan 4 23:22:03 2013
Our annual membership dues of $15 are due in January.

IF you are coming to the Sock Wash on Sunday, January 20, please bring a check (cash is good too) with you.

IF NOT, please mail a check for $15, payable to "Highlands of Virginia, Inc." to:
George Downes, Treasurer
Highlands of Virginia, Inc.
5367 Old Alexandria Turnpike
Warrenton, VA 20187


Sock Wash - Sunday, Jan 20 at 11:00 am

Join us and learn how to do the job right from Master Machinist George Downes. Hopefully, Master Machinist Bill Potter will come down from that northern state to assist in the demonstrations.

Bill Lackman is bringing some Indian Chief cylinders for us to bore and hone, and do a valve job on.

Dave Hennessey is bringing a Harley Hummer carburator (or more likely the whole darn Harley Hummer) whose main jet packing is worn, and the main jet needle keeps working itself loose. Got packing?

What you got that needs repaired? Hopeless cases gladly accepted.


Enquiring minds want to know...

January 20th is supposed to be Inauguration Day. But the president's swearing-in and all the parades will be on Monday, January 21st. What's going on when?

The Twentieth Amendment to U.S. Constitution sets the end of the President's term at noon on January 20th. The President-Elect is sworn in shortly thereafter. By tradition, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States administers the oath of office to the President-Elect.

Chief Justice John Roberts is expected to administer the oath to the President-Elect shortly after noon on Sunday, the 20th.

The PUBLIC CELEBRATION will be on Monday, January 21st. The televised oath of office will be a sham - since the real oath will have already been administered the day before. They probably won't tell you this on TV.

More than you wanted to know...