From:William Lackman
Subject:RE: Merry Christmas ! Date:Thu Dec 27 15:13:08 2012
Response to:624
I've got a set of aftermarket Chief jugs that need a couple of thousands honed out of it and the valve seats need to be cut. Should I save it for this event?

Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas and will enjoy peace and prosperity throughout the New Year.

Our Chapter's Christmas party was a big success - everyone had a great time. Our club V.P. Bob Nicholas planned and executed the party, and we all owe him a pat on the back for a job well done.

On Sunday January 20 at 11:00 am, we'll have our annual "Sock Wash" at George Downes' New Baltimore Garage in Warrenton. You can give Bob his pat on the back then.

Prior to the real meeting, we'll be eating breakfast at 10:00 am at Denny's, a couple miles down the road towards Warrenton proper. I'll get us space in the back room. No business, just breakfast. Anyone need directions, call Dave at 540-347-1452.

We need motorcycle rebuilding projects for the Sock Wash. Got valves that need grinding? Got cylinders that need boring? Flywheels that need truing? Brake shoes that need riveting?

Bring 'em on! George's extensive experience in fixing anything with wheels or gears, plus his on-site machine shop equipment, make just about any antique motorcycle repair possible.

Speaking of possibilities, there's a good chance that Downtown Brown will make a guest appearance. You certainly won't want to miss that.

Denny's Warrenton
7323 Comfort Inn Drive
Warrenton, VA 20187

New Baltimore Garage, Inc.
5340 Lee Highway
Warrenton, Va 20187