From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: AMCA will change to a FOR-PROFIT corporation Date:Thu Dec 13 21:21:02 2012
Response to:618
The Highlands Chapter received a letter today from Richard Spagnolli, AMCA President.

Spagnolli's letter confirmed our suspicions that we must either start paying income taxes or seek tax-exempt status from the IRS for our Chapter.

Highlands V.P. Bob Nicholas, Tom Hardy and I have started looking into the implications of both options.

Spagnolli's letter offered no explanation of why the AMCA board has not notified the Chapters of this situation for over two months.

Over in the "Stuff" section of the website, I've posted the letter Scott Lange sent to Chapter Presidents alerting us to the situation, along with Spagnolli's letter to Chapter Presidents.