From:Juan Sakata
Subject:RE: Final Head Count for Christmas Diner Date:Mon Dec 3 20:48:32 2012
Response to:613
Shirley and I will be attending the Christmas Party, My choice will be Prime Rib, she prefers the Salmon.
Will see you there.

Hello All,

We'd like to get a final head-count for the Christmas Party at P.J. Skidoos on December 15th.

Would you please let me know how many of you plan on attending? We think there will be at least 25 of us attending.

The restaurant would like an approximate meal count, as well

1) Chicken
2) Filet Mignon
3) Prime Rib
4) Salmon

You can reply to the Exchange or to my e-mail.

Thanks for your help. Looking forward to seeing you all at the party.