From:Rob White
Subject:RE: 1955 Motorcycle Question Date:Thu Nov 29 18:10:42 2012
Response to:533
My 1955 FL has the factory tag mount bracket and it mounts on the bottom of the tag . I have a guy who does an excellent job on tag restoration and can fill unwanted holes (I will be glad to give you his info) .

I recently purchased this license plate for my 1955 Hummer. It looks better in vivo than it does in the picture.

The state-sponsored holes are so wide that they don't line up with many motorcycle tag brackets, so many have extra holes punched in them like this one does.

But - the tags mount at the top on Harley tag brackets, and since this tag has the extra holes at the bottom, it must have originally been on something else.

So the $64,000 question - what kind of 1955 motorcycle had a tag that mounted at the bottom instead of the top?