From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:FYBO Photos and Planning Ahead Date:Thu Nov 29 11:25:31 2012
FYBO 2012 photos are now on the Club website. Click on the GALLERY section. Thanks to Flathead Ed for the photos!

Also, the website calendar has been updated with our third Sunday meeting dates and the east-coast AMCA meets and road runs for 2013.

Speaking of 2013...

2013 is almost here, and we've got work to do! We need to reactivate our planning committees. Here's a chance for our new members to get involved. Let's try to solidify our committee members at our Christmas Dinner.

2012 members: George O. and Mike
The MPC came up with a real hit - the Blue Ridge Grill. We need to find a couple new places to try in 2013.

2012 members: Mike and George O.
The CC did a great job in formulating our events calendar. We need to continue their good work.

2012 member: Dave
This year's Smoke Hole run was a great success. The RRC needs to find and investigate new destinations and available dates if we want to go somewhere else in 2013. Time is short already!

2012 members: Rollo and Mike
New members Bill, Rob, Juan and Jack found us because of the MC's great work. We need to continue finding antique cycle riders in our area.

See you on the 15th