Subject:RE: The Diminutive Harley Date:Thu Oct 18 22:31:35 2012
Response to:595
Hi Bob
Congrats on your new bike. They are a very interesting breed and a lot spunkier than one would suspect. A young lady from Idaho I work with has a 1966 350 in full racing trim and has done quite well at several shows. Attached are photos of the bike and her getting first place in a show of 350 bikes.


I finally completed the deal on the 1969 SS 350 H-D Sprint last weekend. I got it home late Sunday night and haven't had a chance to take it for a spin. Hoping to go for a shake-down run on Sunday.

If someone isn't familiar with the Italian Harley, here are some of the oddities:

Kicker is on the Left Side.
Shifter is on the Right Side.
Shift pattern is upside down. (i.e. Up one from Neutral to First, then Down, Down, Down to Fourth).
Kick stand is on the Right Side.
Rear brake foot-pedal is on the Left Side.
Single cylinder, four-stoke with dual exhaust.

The engine was re-built at Grove City Motorsports by a mechanic that raced Sprints. The engine has tons of compression and is harder to kick than the XLCH. (Kicking with your left leg is just weird).

I'm anxious to put the little Harley through its paces.

Hope to see everybody at Dave's on the 27th.

Best Regards,

Bob (Big Man on a Small Bike) Nicholas